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Game Sprockets, also called Apple Game Sprockets, is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by Apple Computer to support game development for classic Mac OS and the Pippin platform.[1][2]


Release history[]

Game Sprockets was announced by Apple on March 29, 1996. Apple engineers hosted discussion groups from March 31 to April 2 at the 1996 Game Developers Conference,[8][9] which was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.[10] The Pippin Atmark had just been released in Japan and the AppleJack controller was supported by the InputSprocket.[11] Prior to that, Software Development Kits for Pippin Power Player prototypes were provided with an AppleJack input device driver.[12][13]

Earlier versions of sprockets were updated individually instead of as a set and required System 7.5 with Open Transport 1.1, Display Manager 2.0, and Sound Manager 3.2.1 or later.[7]

The development team survived mass layoffs at Apple in March 1997,[7] but classic sprockets have since been deprecated as Mac OS X adopted the OpenGL API and macOS later adopted Metal.[15]



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