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This is a list of games on the first and second generation iPod nano.


The 1st and 2nd generation iPod nano includes four games. These games are (in order):

  • Brick
  • Music Quiz
  • Parachute
  • Solitaire



Brick on a 2nd generation iPod Nano

Brick is played by twirling the click wheel left or right, which makes the small bar on the bottom of the screen move. The aim of the game is to smash as many bricks as you can. You start with 3 lives which when lost the game ends. It is possible to get more then 3 lives but it doesn't show more then 3 balls on the top bar. You can not pause the game while playing. It is unknown what the highest score possible is.

Music Quiz[]

Music Quiz is basically a game where you have to guess the song that's playing. The game uses music on your iPod. A ten second clip of a song is played and the player has to choose from a list of five, which song it is. The list gets shortened every few seconds and you lose a round if guessed wrong. The game is impossible to win as the game just keeps on going...


Parachute is a game where the player has to shoot helicopters with the center button of the click wheel. The gun is rotated using the click wheel. Parachuters jump out the helicopters and can also be shot. If a line of parachutes appear they will throw a bomb onto the gun and the game ends.


Solitaire is basically like its name says and hard to get, that's not quite surprising. It is Similar to the Solitaire game on the computer.