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Birth of the Laser Printer

Presented by Gary Starkweather

Gary Keith Starkweather (January 9, 1938 – December 26, 2019)[1] was an American engineer, inventor, and Apple Fellow most notable for the invention of the laser printer and color management.


Starkweather received a B.S. in physics from Michigan State University in 1960 and an M.S. in optics from the University of Rochester in 1966.[2]


In 1969, Starkweather invented the laser printer at the Xerox Webster Research Center. He collaborated on the first fully functional laser printing system at Xerox PARC in 1971.[3][4][5]

Apple Computer[]

Starkweather joined Apple Computer as an Apple Fellow in March 1988.[6] There he invented color management technology, and led the development of ColorSync 1.0.[7]

After Apple[]

Starkweather joined Microsoft Research in May 1997, where he worked on display technology.[8]

Awards and recognition[]

In 1991, Starkweather was awarded the David Richardson Medal.[9]

Starkweather also made major contributions to digital matte film techniques. He was a consultant on the digital effects team for the original Star Wars movie which was released in 1977. He won a technical Academy Award in 1994 for his pioneering work with Lucasfilm (and later, Pixar) in the field of color film scanning. [10]

In 2004, he was elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering.[11] Starkweather died on December 26, 2019 at the age of 81.[12]


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