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This article is about software developed for classic Mac OS. For the security feature in macOS, see Gatekeeper.
Gatekeeper INIT

Gatekeeper (formerly GateKeeper) was an anti-virus utility for classic Mac OS. It was written by Chris W. Johnson and previously hosted at the University of Texas at Austin Computation Center's Macintosh software archive. Other than name and function, it has no relationship to the modern macOS security feature bearing the same name.


The software is installed as two extensions: Gatekeeper and Gatekeeper Aid, which are managed by a control panel named Gatekeeper Controls. Minimum requirements include a Macintosh 512Ke or later, running at least System 4.1, with System 6.0.4 or later recommended.

Release history[]

  • Gatekeeper 1.3 (November 1993) is the final release.
  • Gatekeeper 1.2.8 (August 1993)[1]
  • Gatekeeper 1.2.7 (January 1993)[2]
  • Gatekeeper 1.2.6 (July 1992) included a message that would warn the user every five days that it was out of date after 6 months passed without an update.[3]
  • Gatekeeper 1.1.1 / Gatekeeper Aid 1.1 (November 1990)[4]
  • GateKeeper 1.0 (January 1989)[5]


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