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Before the debut of System 7.5, the Macintosh Performas had their special version of the General Controls control panel. Named exactly like its mainstream counterpart, the Performa version differed only on the selection of the desktop pattern.


Desktop Pattern[]

A huge popup menu was all that was visible to the user. Clicking on it, however, revealed a selectio of 12 pre-drawn, full-color patterns (which unfortunately could not be customized by the user without resorting to editing the ppt# resources in ResEdit).

Rate of Insertion Point Blinking[]

This option was just like the mainstream version of the control panel. The user could choose how fast (or how frequently) the insertion point would blink.

Menu Blinking[]

This option would turn menu blinking on or off, and if it was activated, control how many times a selected menu option blinked before the command was executed.

Time and Date[]

In three separate panes, the user could adjust the time and date (by clicking on a figure and clicking on the subsequent arrows that appear). The user can also switch between a 12-hour and 24-hour (military) time format