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The Federal Republic of Germany 🇩🇪 (German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland), commonly known as Germany, is a country in Central and Western Europe. The capital city is Berlin.


The land area of Germany is 357,022 km2. From 1949 to 1990, Cold War tensions led to the country being separated into East and West Germany.[1] As of 2020, the population is estimated to be 80,159,662, making it the 19th most populous country in the world. [2]

Apple in Germany[]


Germany - Thousands applaud Berlin's first Apple store

Apple began operating in West Germany around 1981. An Apple Expo was held October 25 to 29, 1984 in Cologne while it was part of West Germany. By the end of 2021, over 4,000 people in Germany were employed by Apple.[3][4]

Retail stores in Germany[]

The first Apple retail store in Germany was opened on December 6, 2008 at 1 Rosenstraße in Munich.[5] The first store in Berlin was opened in 2013.[4] In early 2020, all 15 stores in Germany were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but all were reopened that same year on May 11.[6] On December 2, 2021 the sixteenth store was opened to the south of Rosenthaler Platz in the Mitte borough of Berlin.[4]


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