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Grab was a screen capture utility that was included with Mac OS X to produce screen shots. The default format for its captured images is TIFF. The tool was no longer included with macOS Mojave (version 10.14), which was released in 2018. The default format for the screen shot feature built into macOS is PNG.[1]


  • Within Grab, it is possible to set a specific cursor to appear where the mouse is in a Grab picture.
  • A countdown timer (10 seconds) is available.
  • Grab could be summoned from some programs in Mac OS X via the Services command.


The dates back to NeXTSTEP, the predecessor to Mac OS X. It was noted for displaying a "creepy eye" that moved when the user moved the pointer device.[2]


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  • Snapz Pro X, a 3rd-party utility with similar functionality.

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