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Huh?” is a colloquial English phrase used in iOS and Mac OS, which reached its initial "heyday" with the release of System 7.5.

Uses of “Huh?”[]

  • Under Apple Guide in System 7.5, a "Huh?" button appeared as an option for some complex topics. When clicked by confused users, it would take the user to a new window containing even more relevant information.[1]
  • The Apple website briefly featured (in a section separate from the main page) a section titled "Huh?".
  • Starting in iOS 13 set to American English, if a user says, "Hey Siri" without following up with a question, Siri can respond with "Huh?", "Uh-huh", or "Mm-hmm?" instead of "Yes?".[2][3]
  • WikiMac itself was attempting to revitalise the usage of "Huh?" by applying it to pages where the user may desire more related assistance.

Reactions to “Huh?”[]

"Huh?" was apparently designed to be "user-friendly" to casual English speakers; it would mimic a situation where the user would actually utter "Huh?" in response to a term he or she did not understand. However, some non-American users disfavoured the term, believing that it was impolite for use in an operating system.[2][3] Some iOS users took to liking it and would become distressed when Siri would not respond in the casual manner.[4]


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