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iBook G3
Clamshell iBook G3
Code name P1
Date released 21 July 1999
Date discontinued 22 October 2003
Processor PowerPC 750 - G3 at 300 MHz
System software Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2.2
and MacOS X 10.2
Price at release $1,600

The original iBook G3 came in colors. With the iBook G3 at 500 MHz, Apple went back from the colored laptops to a simple white one. There were a variety of models within the iBook G3 line.

Apple recommends distinguishing between the different white iBook models by looking at the kinds of connectors.


At initial release, the iBook G3 had a processor speed of 300 MHz; by the last model it was 3 times faster at 900 MHz. In January 2002, a 14-inch model was introducted side by side with the 12-inch model. Though the 14-inch iBook has a bigger screen, it retained the same resolution at 1024 by 768. The replacement for the iBook G3 was the iBook G4.


AirPort card iBook G3

The original AirPort card in an iBook G3

Special features[]

The iBook G3 was the first model from Apple to support wireless computing using AirPort technology. Later iBooks could no longer boot into classic Mac OS and required the Classic environment to run older software that pre-date Mac OS X.



Notes for 500 MHz model:

  • 1024-by-768 resolution 12.1-inch TFT display
  • USB and FireWire® connectors
  • 4.9 pounds
  • up to 5 hours of battery life (significantly longer than many other laptops at the time of original release)

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