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iCab in iOS

iCab is a web browser for the Macintosh by Alexander Clauss. It has distinctive features for older Macs, for which many other browser developers have ended support. iCab is also available for iOS for $2, but for Macintosh it is free, with a pro version for $20.

Features of Mac version[]

iCab can:

  • Let you look at websites in your cache while you are off-line. Combined with the option to download all pages linked to from the page you're on this is really great for off-line reading.
  • Filter ads (images, Flash Player, etc., first Mac browser to do this). It can also filter JavaScript and cookies.
  • Archive web pages, with images, in a handy single file.
  • Feature-laden contextual menus - two examples: (re)load images, a menu of all links on the page.
  • Be available in a number of languages.
  • Have the famous Smiley :) ! Depending on the validity of the HTML of the web site currently viewed, it will smile, look grim or frown. Clicking on the smiley will bring up a list of errors in the page, if there are any.
  • Support JavaScript, CSS (not the latest stuff, but that's in beta now) and is the only(?) browser to support Arabic websites on older Macs.
  • Run on Mac OS (back to System 7.0.1!) on 68000-series and PowerPC Macs; and Mac OS X (using Carbon).

Features of iOS version[]

iCab also has an application on the iOS App Store for $2. Below are a list of features iCab Mobile can do:

  • With Tabs you can open multiple web pages at the same time
  • Using the Download Manager you can download files directly on the device
  • The Readability Support lets you sync a reading list between Apps and devices
  • The Fullscreen Mode removes all the toolbars
  • Filters can be used to block ads or other elements.
  • The search feature can be extended, it's easy to add new search engines
  • The Bookmarks from your Mac or PC browser can be imported.
  • Forms can be saved and filled out automatically


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