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iOS 16 is the sixteenth major release of the iOS mobile operating system that is in development at Apple to succeed iOS 15.[2] It was announced on June 6 at the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference and is scheduled to be released sometime later in 2022.[3]

New features


Personalize your Lock Screen - Apple

Senior VP Craig Federighi and staff introduced the following new features at WWDC 2022:[4]

  • Lock Screen — updated with the ability to customize TrueDepth images, integrate widgets, and switch between different screen settings based on Focus preferences.
  • Messages — new ability to edit and undo messages that were already sent.
  • SharePlay — new support for Messages (after being solely on FaceTime).
  • Dictation — updated to function simultaneously with the keyboard.
  • Live Text — updated to be able to function on paused videos.
  • Apple WalletArizona and Maryland added to supported U.S. states.
  • Apple Pay Later — automatically breaks up large Apple Pay purchased into 4 payments financed over 6 weeks.
  • Apple Maps — redesigned features being introduced in 11 more countries with along with new features, such as more visual details, multi-stop routing, and additional transit information.
  • Parental Controls — improved integration with other devices running iOS and iPadOS 16 or later
  • Privacy — adding Safety Check feature to help protect users who may be in an abusive relationship.
  • HomeKit — updated to support the Matter open standard.
  • CarPlay — to be updated with deeper integration with automobile hardware.
  • Fitness — updated to support iPhones without the need for motion tracking from an Apple Watch.
Accessibility icon.png

Some new accessibility features that Apple previewed as part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 17, 2022 include:[5][6]

Alternate icon

  • Door detection for users with visual impairment using LiDAR on an iPhone 12 Pro, 13 Pro, or later.
  • Live Captions for users with hearing impairment using an iPhone 11 or later.
  • Apple Watch mirroring for users to control their watchOS device remotely.
  • New Quick Actions to expand AssistiveTouch gestures in watchOS 9.
  • Buddy Controller to allow a friend or carer to help a physically disabled user play a game
  • Siri Pause Time to allow more time for users with speech disabilities to issue a voice command.
  • Voice Control Spelling Mode to allow users to dictate the spelling of unusual words.
  • Sound Recognition to allow an iPhone to be trained to recognize appliance noises or alarms at home.
  • Apple Books customization of line, character, and word spacing.

Supported devices

With the discontinuation of the Apple A10-based 7th-generation iPod touch, this is the first version of iOS to run solely on iPhone models since iPhone OS 1.0.2. As a result, Apple was speculated to be discontinuing support for similarly-configured older models.[7] At WWDC 2022, support was confirmed to be limited to devices containing a Neural Engine in the Apple A11 chip or later, including:[8]

Release history

Version Build Release date Notes
16.0 beta 1 20A5283p 2022-06-06 First developer beta.
16.0 beta 2 20A5303i 2022-06-22 2nd developer beta.


iOS 16 includes default backgrounds for Light and Dark Mode.


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