iPadOS 15 is the next major update to iPadOS that is in development to succeed iPadOS 14. It was announced on June 7 at the 2021 Worldwide Developers Conference and is scheduled to be released in Fall 2021.[1]

New features

Newly announced features include:[1][2]

  • SharePlay feature allows shared viewing of video or listening of music with friends during FaceTime connections.
  • Focus settings allow users to block distractions while working or doing other activities.
  • New summary feature for Notifications.
  • Live Text automatically recognizes written or printed text in images or photos that can be converted into selectable text.
  • Redesigned Safari interface.
  • Updated Maps with improved 3D models and AR support.
  • More Privacy controls.
  • Redesigned Notes app.
  • Siri requests can be processed entirely within iPads with an Apple A12 chip or later.[3]

Earlier development

In Spring 2021, Apple began beta testing its new anti-tracking privacy feature to shield user information from websites.[4] However, this feature was already deployed with the release of iPadOS 14.5 on April 26, 2021.[5] Facebook is reportedly planning to file a lawsuit against Apple's tracking feature changes as "unfair".[6]

Supported devices

Contrary to early reports,[7] iPadOS 15 will support all previous models that could support iPadOS 13 or 14. Features that require newer hardware, such as spatial audio will be disabled in older models.[8]


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