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The iPad Camera Connection Kit contains a set of adapters from Apple that allow a USB device or SD card to be attached to an iPad through the 30-pin dock connector. It includes an SD card adapter along with an updated version of the iPod Camera Connector (which it superseded) for USB cameras and devices.[1][2]


Plugging in a card or device through one of the adapters will open the iPhoto app (now Photos) to import images. Users discovered that they could plug in other USB devices through the USB adapter including flash drives, keyboards, MIDI adapters, and even PS/2 keyboard adapters.[3]


The iPad Camera Connection Kit was first announced on January 27, 2010 to support the first iPad. It became available for pre-order on March 27, 2010 and began shipping in late April.[4][5]

When the 30-pin dock connector was replaced by the Lightning connector, the kit was succeeded by the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader.[6]


iOS 4.2 reduces the power draw limit of USB devices from 100mA to 20mA, causing many unpowered devices, such as flash drives and keyboards, to become unusable through the adapter.[7]

3rd-party support[]

iFile supported browsing of removable drives attached to either of the adapters from the connection kit in IOS 6 (later iOS 9), years before Files was introduced by Apple for iOS 11.[8]


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