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The iPhone 14 is a line of iPhones developed by Apple Inc. It was announced in a special event titled "Far out" on September 7, 2022, along with a larger iPhone 14 Plus variant and the premium iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Pre-orders began on September 9 and the iPhone 14 Pro became available in stores on September 16, 2022.[1] Apple released a yellow version on March 14, 2023.[2]

New features[]

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus feature the 5 GPU version of the Apple A15 SoC previously used in iPhone 13 Pro models. Along with existing 5G service, it also adds Emergency SOS via satellite for areas where ground-based wireless services may not be available. 2 years of emergency satellite service are included free with the purchase of new iPhone 14 models. Crash Detection senses sudden changes in sound levels, cabin pressure, direction, and speed up to 256 Gs to determine whether a severe crash has occurred and automatically call Emergency SOS if the user does not respond.[3]

Supply chain reports[]


IPhone 14 Pro CAD leak 2022-03

Leaked CAD data of a multiple "hole-punch" display reportedly from the iPhone 14 Pro

IPhone 14 series case dummies

Leaked dummies from schematics for case manufacturers. "Pro" models have 3 cameras.

Industry reports indicated that Apple may be moving the Pro models of the forthcoming iPhone 14 product line from a notched screen design to a multiple "hole-punched" design (since dubbed the "exclamation point") to accommodate the front-facing cameras and various sensors in 6.1 and 6.7-inch models.[4][5][6]

Leaks of CAD data provided to case manufacturers indicated that the base iPhone 14 model may retain the notch.[7] The mini model is also reportedly being discontinued in favor of a larger non-Pro version.[6][8]


The ongoing global chip shortage forced Apple to limit the inclusion of the Apple A16 chip to the Pro models of the iPhone 14 line.[9]


Production trials in China reportedly began in July 2022, with mass production starting in August. Wall Street analysts projected strong sales despite weak overall consumer spending due to the general economic downturn caused by inflation.[10] Apple's manufacturing supply chain reportedly experienced "no impacts" from geopolitical issues.[11]


Recording of the video announcement of the iPhone 14 series and Apple Watch Series 8 had reportedly begun in August 2022 to be streamed in the special event on September 7.[12][13] The base price was set at US$799, the same as the iPhone 13's introductory price in the previous year.[1] The first pre-orders began shipping on September 12 for delivery by the scheduled in-store date of September 16, 2022.[14] On March 14, 2023, Apple began shipping a yellow version as part of its spring product refresh.[15]



We found Apple’s secret iPhone 14 redesign - iPhone 14 teardown

Eve Jobs, the daughter of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, posted a meme on Instagram mocking the iPhone 14's relative lack of advancement from the previous year's iPhone 13. Though she deleted it soon after, some industry pundits agreed with her sentiment.[16][17] Strong demand for the iPhone 14 line caused the value of Apple stock to rise.[18] This led to Apple increasing manufacturing orders with Foxconn from 90 to 95 million units for the overall product line.[19] However, Apple's stock valuation retreated after it was determined that demand for the entry-level iPhone 14 was in line with that of the previous year's iPhone 13, and that production was actually shifting towards the Pro models.[20]

The interior design of the iPhone 14 received praise from iFixit for its redesigned layout that makes less expensive and much easier to repair as the internal components can be accessed from either glass side. The iPhone 14 series' adoption of eSIMs in the United States was found not to have completely negated the presence of a SIM card slot as it is still used in other countries and the space is occupied by a gap in U.S. models.[21]



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