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The iPod+HP, stylized as iPod+hp, was a line of HP-branded iPods developed by Apple Computer and distributed through Hewlett-Packard.



This iPod Isn't an Apple Product - The History of the HP iPod (A Retrospective)

On January 8, 2004, Carly Fiorina announced the exclusive iPod+HP deal with Apple at the Consumer Electronics Show.[1] The first device of the iPod+HP line was the 4th-generation iPod, available in 20 and 40 GB of storage which became available on August 27, 2004.[2][3][4] The iPod+HP was originally intended to be available in "HP Blue".[5]

HP later added the iPod mini, the iPod photo, and the iPod shuffle to the lineup.[6][7] These were often sold at a discount and were considered a better value to their Apple counterparts with better warranty terms. However, as these were officially HP products rather than Apple products, Genius Bars at Apple retail stores were not authorized to repair iPod+HP iPods, and they had to be sent to a HP Authorized Service Center for repair, despite identical designs.[8] Unique accessories sold by HP included the HP Printable Tattoos, which could be custom-printed and applied to either Apple or HP models.[9]

Deal termination

On July 29, 2005, HP announced that it would terminate its deal with Apple. Even after the termination, part of the deal prevented HP from making a rival digital music player (MP3 player) until August 2006.[10] HP continued to pre-install iTunes on its home computers until January 6, 2006, when HP announced a partnership with RealNetworks to install Rhapsody on HP and Compaq-branded home players.[11]


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