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The iPod Dock, also marketed as Apple iPod Dock, was developed by Apple Computer for its full-size iPod models with 30-pin dock connectors.


The iPod Dock had a pass-through 30-pin dock connector on the back that allowed for charging and syncing over FireWire and USB 2.0.[1] However, syncing over USB was initially only supported for Windows PCs until the release of Mac OS X 10.3.4 in May 2004. A 3.5 mm audio line out port could be connected to external speakers or a home audio system.

Although they externally appear to be the same, the version for the 3rd-generation iPod with Dock Connector (M9130G/A), and the version for the 4th-generation iPod with Click Wheel (M9602G/A) are incompatible with one another. In October 2005, these were superseded by the Apple Universal Dock, which used interchangeable inserts to support a wider range of iPod models with 30-pin dock connectors.[2] However, existing inventory of older Apple iPod Docks for Click Wheel models continued to be sold for some time.

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