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The iPod Hi-Fi is a high-end speaker system for iPods designed by Apple Computer and introduced in a special event on February 28, 2006.[1]


The speaker's sound is generated by two 80mm custom-designed drivers and one 130mm woofer. The iPod Hi-Fi uses the 30-pin dock connector, TOSLINK optical connector, or headphone jack for audio input. Ten universal dock adapters are included for various iPod models that were available at the time.[2]

Market reception

The iPod Hi-Fi was criticized for its high US$349 price and was discontinued on September 5, 2007.[2]

Usage with modern devices

Newer Apple devices may be connected (and charged) through a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, though an extension cable may be necessary as the newer devices would not fit or be able to stand within the old 30-pin dock.[3]

Devices with only a USB-C port can be daisy chained through a USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter from Apple, or a third-party USB-C to Lightning audio adapter (to a 30-pin adapter). Devices that support Bluetooth can be paired through a third-party 30-pin Bluetooth audio receiver. However, these options only support audio functions and not charging.[4][5][6]


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