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The iPod Remote, marketed as iPod Remote + Earphones, was a peripheral that was introduced with the 2nd-generation iPod on July 17, 2002. It supported all iPod models and was also available separately for US$39 with earphones.


IPod 2G with Remote

The iPod Remote included control buttons for volume controls, track skipping, and play/pause. It included Apple earphones with a shorter cable that could be inserted into the pass-through headphone jack. The remote was bundled with high-capacity models of the 2nd and 3rd-generation iPod.[1]

Hardware and serial protocol[]

IPod Remote + Earphones

Note extra connectors on the jack of the 2002 version (M8751G/A)

Enthusiasts have disassembled the remotes to discern the electronics and serial protocol used to communicate with supported iPod models. Inside the small metal enclosure, the remote circuit board was manufactured by Mitsumi Electric and connected to the a custom headphone jack through 6 connectors. The 4-conductor headphone jack carries the stereo audio signals, audio ground, and data to iPod. The 2002 version (M8751G/A) is surrounded by two metal rings which supply 3.3 volts of power and digital ground.[2] For the 2003 version (M9128G/A), these functions are moved to a four-pin plug accompanying the headphone plug.[3] These additional contacts are similar to those used by Apple Pro Speakers and have been used to power some 3rd-party accessories, such as the Griffin iTrip.[4]


The iPod Remote is compatible with these models:

2002 Version (M8751G/A)[]

2003 Version (M9128G/A)[]


On January 10, 2006, the iPod Remote was superseded by the iPod Radio Remote, an iPod shuffle-like peripheral which included its own radio receiver.[5] On March 11, 2009, the 3rd-generation iPod shuffle introduced new Apple earbuds which integrated a much smaller remote on the right earphone cord.[6]


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