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The 3rd-generation iPod touch was announced by Apple on September 9, 2009 and became available on the same day.[1] It was discontinued on September 1, 2010 with the announcement of the 4th-generation iPod touch.[2]


New features[]

The 32 GB and 64 GB models were updated to include the upgraded RAM, CPU and GPU internals from the iPhone 3GS. They include Voice Control support, VoiceOver, iPhone OS 3.1, and bundled earbuds with remote and microphone.

Support and battery life[]

This generation supports up to iOS 5.1.1; it does not support iOS 6. It will slow down when using a newer iOS, and has a somewhat lower battery life compared to the 2nd generation model when playing music (30 vs. 36 hours) due in part to its faster processor. Battery life while playing back video or browsing the web is unchanged.[3]

Confusion with 2nd generation[]

The model number of the 3rd-generation iPod touch is A1318. In its press release relating to the model's announcement, Apple only referred to the 32 GB and 64 GB variants as 'new models'.[1] Apple's published technical specifications for the 3rd generation iPod touch only include references to the 32 GB and 64 GB models.[4] Following the introduction of the 3rd generation model, Apple also continued offering the 2nd generation 8 GB version, upgraded to the same iPhone OS version as the new third generation devices, with some websites erroneously referring to it as a "3rd generation" 8 GB model.[5][6] The 3rd generation version can be updated to iOS 5.1.1, while the 2nd generation is limited to iOS 4.2.1.


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