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iScroll2 is a modified trackpad driver written by Daniel Becker to allow two-finger scrolling on iBook and PowerBook models released before January 31, 2005, when the feature was introduced by Apple Computer for its new USB-based trackpads.


iScroll2 adds two-finger functionality to earlier ADB-based trackpads used in iBook G4 and Aluminum PowerBook G4 models released from 2003 to 2004. It does not support older PowerPC G3 notebooks and the first 12-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4 (867 MHz).[1][2] Developed from openly available Darwin source code, iScroll2 was initially released on February 7, 2005.[3]

Software conflicts[]

iScroll2 may interfere with the functionality of other trackpad drivers, such as FingaMIDI or SideTrack.[3]


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