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Iomega Corporation was a storage device manufacturer whose major products were the Zip and Jaz removable disk drives and Ditto tape drives.


Iomega was founded in 1980 and became known for their early storage device called the Bernoulli Box. Their growing product line was defined by their focus set in 1994 "to help people manage their stuff". The company's stated aim was to create portable, fast, large and cheap storage solutions. They targeted the Small Office/Home Office market and then pursued the emerging digital photography market, which needed larger storage devices. Iomega's major competitor in the growing market for removable disks was SyQuest Technology, which could no longer keep up and went out of business.[1]

In 1997, Kim Edwards was the president and CEO of Iomega, which had nearly 2000 employees in offices around the world. Revenue for the quarter ending December 1996 was $371 million and net income was $20 million.[1] In 2008, the company was sold to EMC Corporation for $213 million.[2]


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