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Jailbreak apps are software that allow iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS users circumvent privilege restrictions established by Apple Inc. The most widely-used jailbreak platform is Cydia. Apps for jailbroken devices can contain features that would otherwise be forbidden by the terms of use of Apple's App Store.

List of jailbreak apps[]

  • Appcake: This app allows the user to download cracked apps and games without paying. However, this is considered software piracy and Apple does not cover damage from malware that may infect a device through hacked software.[1]
  • Cydia: This is a package monitor app that lets a user install or download software not authorized on an iPhone and for iPhones or iPads only running on 3G, Cydia can allow you to use 4G or above. It can also install themes and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) not installed with the iOS the device runs on.
  • iFile: This app is a file manager. It allows you to save documents, download content from Safari and hack games. There are 2 versions: one is free and one is a full version that needs to be paid to purchase it. However, development has been abandoned since iOS 6.[2]
  • iModgame: This allows hacking of iOS game accounts, but needs to be purchased with mod points to circumvent achievements or in-app purchases. You need to login with a Google account in order to download the game hacks. If the game is not installed on your device, you can't download the hack. Development on iOS has largely been abandoned in favor of Android.[3]
  • Installous: This app was similar to Appcake but has since been shut down.[4] Like other pirate platforms, it was not consistently supported and was prone to scams.[5]


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