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Badge 0345 Joe Shelton

Joe Shelton's employee badge, issued on April 30, 1979.

Joe Shelton was a marketing analyst at Apple Computer.[1]


Shelton received an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University in 1982, while employed at Apple.


Joe Shelton and Macintosh 128K 1983

Shelton demonstrates a Macintosh 128K for journalists in late 1983.

Shelton joined Apple in 1979 as employee #345. However, due to staff turnover, there only about 100 people at Apple at that time. He soon became the product manager for Apple Writer. By 1981, Shelton was concerned that the Apple Software Publishing group was projecting unrealistic sale numbers for Apple II software and decided turn in his resignation. Instead, he encountered co-founder Steve Jobs who made him the product marketing manager of the Macintosh project. Shelton remained at Apple until 1992.[1][2]


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