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Couch (sitting, second from right) with the Lisa development team.

John D. Couch was the head of the Apple Lisa development team and former vice president of Apple Education.


Couch was one of the first fifty undergraduates of the computer science program at the University of California, Berkeley. He continued his education there to receive a master's degree in 1972.[1]


Couch previously worked at Hewlett-Packard, where he recruited Rich Page to work on the HP 3000 minicomputer. Couch later recommended Page to Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs.[2]

Apple Computer[]

In Spring 1978, Couch followed fellow HP veteran Thomas Whitney to Apple, becoming its 54th employee. Couch became general manager of the Apple Lisa development team.[2] He also donated Apple II computers to a catholic school in California, one of Apple's early forays into education.[3] In 1984, Couch left Apple to take over a struggling Christian school in Solana Beach, California.[4]

Apple Inc.[]

In April 2002, Jobs recruited Couch to return to Apple as VP of education, replacing Cheryl Vedoe. Couch remained with Apple Education until his retirement in January 2019.[1][5][6] His role was succeeded by Doug Beck, who became Apple's VP of worldwide education, health, and government in June 2019.[7]


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