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Julian E. Gómez is a software engineer who was an original member of the QuickDraw 3D development team.


Gomez received an A.B. in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley in June 1977. He received a Ph.D. in computer and information science from Ohio State University in March 1985.[1]


In January 1986, Gomez became a research scientist at the Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science, jointly administered by the NASA Ames Research Center.[1]


In June 1988, Gomez joined MacroMind as a 3D scientist and led the development of MacroMind Three-D. He left MacroMind in November 1990,[1] right before MacroMind Three-D was released in 1991. Gomez had then joined the Intouch Group in San Francisco, California as VP of Research & Development.[2]

Apple Computer[]

In August 1992, Gomez joined Apple Computer as a principal engineer of Macintosh System Software and was a member of the original QuickDraw 3D development team until July 1995.[1]

After Apple[]

In March 1996, Gomez joined Lego A/S as director of advanced technology and architected the L3D database to record all of Lego's toy pieces in an object-relational database. By May 1997, he became the chief scientist of The Lego Group.[1]


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