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Justin Wood Audi R8

Justin "Woody" Wood is a Canadian-American software engineer and an employee of Apple Inc.

Education and interests[]

Wood was admitted to Queen's University at Kingston in 1998, where he received his BSCH in computer science in 2003.[1] His interests include golf, philosophy, Scottish folk music, and fine Scotch whisky.[2] He also likes pizza and the Audi R8.[3]


Wood established Alien Technology in September 1994.[1] He was inspired to create the Proteus instant messaging application for Mac OS X while learning the Cocoa API at WWDC 2001.[3]


In July 2004, Wood passed Proteus on to Defaultware and was hired by Apple Computer. He became responsible for iChat, and eventually FaceTime, iMessage, and push notifications in iOS. He is presently working on the Connected Home over IP project.[1][4]


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