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Current Version: 2009
Category: Presentation software
Price: $79 with iWork
Creator: Apple
URL: homepage

Keynote is a presentation software application made by Apple Inc. for their Mac OS X operating system. Apple sells Keynote for $79 on the Mac app store.



It is reputed that early versions of Keynote are very close to the Lighthouse Design Concurrence presentation software, which Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was said to have appreciated greatly in his move from glass slides to the electronic version using NeXTSTEP [1] (NeXTWORLD).

Indeed, Roger Rosner[2], director of Apple Inc., previous founder and director of Lighthouse Design has contributed greatly to Concurrence, and other Lighthouse applications.


Themes allow the user to keep consistency in colors and fonts throughout the presentation, including charts, graphs and tables. The user can move from slide to slide with 3D transitions that resemble rolling cubes, flipping pages. Or dissolving transitions that fade one slide into the next. With dual monitor support, the presenter can show the presentation on the projector/monitor and still see his desktop or notes from the laptop. PDF/Quicktime/PowerPoint format export allows the user to distribute their presentation across platforms. Keynote also uses .key files based on XML

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