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Steve Jobs presents one of his last keynotes in 2011.

The Apple Keynote event (also known as the "Stevenote") is a presentation that Apple gives to the press, usually two to four times a year. Outside of the summer keynote address at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple will announce new products and provide other updates about the company during Apple Special Events scheduled in the spring and fall.

One more thing

At a typical "Stevenote", Steve Jobs would often begin to leave the stage after his main presentation, but then walk back and announce "one more thing". Examples of such surprise product announcements include: color iMacs in 1999, the iPod shuffle in 2005, FaceTime for iPhone in 2010, and iTunes Match in 2011.


  • Apple will tend to announce new software at WWDC and new hardware and services at other events.
  • Apple had previously relied on the Macworld Conference & Expo (now defunct) for keynote announcements.
  • The last keynote that Steve Jobs presented was on June 6, 2011, where he announced iCloud, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), and iOS 5.
  • This role has largely been assumed by new CEO Tim Cook after Jobs' death. An example is the March 7, 2012 keynote where Apple announced the iPad 3.
  • The September event is usually reserved for new iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV announcements.

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