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Kingdom Rush Frontiers, also marketed as Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Tower Defense (sometimes shorted to TD), is a tower defense video game that was developed by Ironhide Game Studio for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. It is a sequel to Kingdom Rush, a Flash Player game that was ported to support the iPad in 2011.[1]


The player's goal is to defend exotic lands from adversaries ranging from dragons to man-eating plants.[2]


Kingdom Rush Frontiers was first released for iOS 4.3 in June 2013, with an Android version later in the year.[3][4] Version 1.6 was released for iOS 7 through the Apple App Store on December 3, 2014.[5] It became available for Mac and Windows PCs through Steam on July 25, 2016, with a Linux version released in the following month.[6]

Apple Arcade version[]

A variant for Apple Arcade was released on November 12, 2021 under the title Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD+, with no ads and unlocked freemium options included.[7] An RPG sequel, Legends of Kingdom Rush, was released as an Apple Arcade exclusive in June 2021.[8]

System requirements[]

As of January 2022, the minimum requirements are:


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