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The LaserWriter 12/640 PS was a monochrome laser printer from the LaserWriter series that was released by Apple Computer on June 17, 1996, replacing the LaserWriter 16/600 PS.[1]


The 12/640 PS could print at a resolution of 600-dpi from a Fuji Xerox P893 print engine that could output 12 pages-per-minute, or 8 pages-per-minute in an optional double-sided (duplex) mode. It utilized FinePrint and PhotoGrade to adjust individual dot sizes to simulate smoother edges and grays produced by higher resolution printers. The built-in multipurpose tray had a capacity for 80 sheets along with a 250-page cassette. With the ability to support up to 64 MB, it had the highest memory capacity of any Apple printer.[2]

The 30 MHz AMD Am29040 processor could rasterize images from PostScript Level 2 or PCL 5 printer data. The data could be transmitted through a LocalTalk network to its RS-422 serial port, or a direct PC connection to its parallel port. It also supports faster EtherTalk or IPX networking over a proprietary AAUI Ethernet port.[2]

Plus configuration[]

The LaserWriter 12/640 PS Plus is a special configuration that was announced at COMDEX on November 18, 1996 and released the following month. The printer's base memory of 4 MB was upgraded to 12 MB of RAM. The duplex option and additional sheet feeder with a 500-page cassette were also included. Upgrading the RAM to 24 MB would enable PhotoGrade printing in double-sided (duplex) mode.[3][4]

Included fonts[]

35 PostScript Type 1 fonts and 15 PCL fonts are included in ROM. 64 fonts in PostScript and/or TrueType format are also included on CD-ROM with the printer driver software.


The 12/640 PS was one of the last monochrome laser printers from Apple,[2] with the final model being the LaserWriter 8500 workgroup printer.[5]

Legacy support[]

Apple phased out support for printing over the old AppleTalk-based EtherTalk protocol in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).[6][7] Printing over TCP/IP is possible, but this requires configuring an IPv4 address over Ethernet by a Mac running Apple Printer Utility for classic Mac OS, Apple LaserWriter Utility for Windows, or TCP/IP Configuration Utility for Unix.[8]


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