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The LaserWriter IINT was a midrange monochrome laser printer from the LaserWriter series that was released by Apple Computer in 1988.


The IINT could print at a resolution of 300-dpi from a Canon LBP-SX print engine that could output 8 pages-per-minute with a rated life of 300,000 pages. It is compatible with Apple M6002 or HP LaserJet 92295A toner cartridges.[1]

The 12 MHz Motorola 68000 processor (running at 11.5 MHz) could rasterize images from PostScript or Diablo 630 printer data. Rasterization performance was significantly improved over the LaserWriter Plus through the use of faster memory that eliminated wait states. The data could be transmitted through a LocalTalk network to its RS-422 serial port, or a direct serial PC connection to its RS-232 port. It also included an ADB port for unspecified future expansion. Despite the updates and redesigned new enclosure, it weighed over 20 pounds less than the preceding LaserWriter and LaserWriter Plus models.[2][3]

Included fonts[]

  • ITC Avant Garde
  • ITC Bookman
  • Courier
  • Helvetica
  • Helvetica Narrow
  • New Century Schoolbook
  • Palatino
  • Symbol
  • Times
  • ITC Zapf Chancery
  • ITC Zapf Dingbats


The IINT was discontinued in October 1991 and was superseded by the LaserWriter IIf. Apple also offered printer controller board upgrades to the LaserWriter IIf or IIg.[4] For users looking for a smaller and lower-cost option, the Personal LaserWriter NT was released in July 1990.[5]


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