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The following is a list of product colors designed and / or marketed by Apple:


Early models (1970s to 1990s)[]

Aqua era (1990s to early 2000s)[]

iPod era (early 2000s)[]

In keeping with their "brand renaissance", Apple only offered the first renditions of the iPod in gloss white. The debut of the iPod mini line, though, would see the introduction of color to the iPod family, with the anodized aluminum shell offered in silver, gold, cotton-candy pink, mint green, and powder blue. A few months later, iPod took its first step away from the traditional white by arriving in a U2 special edition jet-black with red touch wheel.

The iPod mini underwent a further alteration, updating the storage capacity and firmware, as well as a "vibrancy lift" to its color palette. Gold was dropped from the line, silver remained unchanged, while cotton-candy pink became hot pink, mint green became a deeper meadow green, and powder blue became a more intense cyan.

Taking notice of the feedback regarding the U2 Special Edition, Apple introduced the 5th Generation iPods in a gloss stiletto-black body and touch wheel variant to accompany the traditional white offering. The new iPod nano received similar treatment.

The iPod mini's retirement saw the temporary end of color variation in the iPod line, with, at the time, no immediate plans to offer iPods in further color varieties. Color expression would have to rely upon the myriad of accessories, such as cases and skins, offered by third-party vendors.

One such third-party vendor has taken color expression to an entirely new level by offering to custom color any Apple product, including iPods. Color Ware, Inc. takes sent-in units, colors them to utmost quality, and then returns them for a nominal fee. With regards to the iPods, they are able to do both the shell and the touch wheel — even in different color combinations.

Apple's iPod color palette

Colordot white   Colordot black   Colordot silver   Colordot gold   Colordot ltpink   Colordot ltblue   Colordot ltgreen   Colordot vibpink   Colordot vibblue   Colordot vibgreen

Modern colors (present)[]


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