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The City of Los Altos is located about 7.5 miles (12 km) northwest of the Cupertino headquarters of Apple Inc. in California.


Los Altos has a population of only 31,625 as of 2020, yet ranks as one of the most affluent small cities in the United States with a median annual household income of US$235,278 as of 2021.[1][2] Many of its residents are technology executives.[3]


In 1906, the Peninsula Interurban Railway acquired land from Sarah Winchester to connect San Francisco to San Jose and Santa Cruz in California. With the arrival of the railway, businessman Paul Shoup formed the Altos Land Company and helped establish the future town of Los Altos. It was formally incorporated on December 1, 1952 to avoid being annexed by adjacent communities.[3]

Apple Computer Company[]

Apple I Jobs garage

Workspace in the garage of the home of Steve Jobs' parents, where the Apple-1 was assembled.

In 1976, Apple-1 computer boards were assembled in a bedroom at the home of the parents of Steve Jobs. When space ran out, work moved into the garage, which was also used as a hangout by Jobs and Steve Wozniak, co-founders of the Apple Computer Company, and their local friends, including John Draper, Chris Espinosa, Bill Fernandez, Dan Kottke, and Randy Wigginton.[4][5] In January 1977, Intel retiree Mike Markkula invested $250,000 for a 1/3 stake in the company, which became incorporated as Apple Computer and moved into an office nearby in Cupertino.[6] The Jobs family home is presently owned by Patty Jobs and has been used for media productions about Apple and her brother Steve.[5]


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