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Lyle W. Crouse (August 2, 1931 – September 14, 2019) was an early production and shipping manager at Apple Computer.

Early life and education[]

Crouse was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa. He graduated from Fort Dodge High School and Iowa State University. He married Patricia Swan on August 25, 1957 in Ruthven, Iowa.[1]


Crouse's engineering work took him from Iowa to various states around the United States, finally settling in the San Jose area in California and working at Apple Computer.[1] Crouse was known for being a strict manager, especially after some thefts had been reported in the production department.[2][3] By 1989, Crouse was working in Apple's expanded shipping operations, which had unitized shipping onto slip sheets to streamline the company's global distribution.[4]

Crouse died of Alzheimer's Disease at the age of 88 in Rio Vista, California.[1]


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