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MPEG-2 a digital media standard defined by the Moving Picture Experts Group for compressed video with audio, optimized for broadcast quality.


MPEG-2 was designed to transmit images using progressive encoding at 4 Mbps or higher for use in broadcast digital TV and DVD. An MPEG-2 player can handle MPEG-1 data as well.[1]


The MPEG-2 specification was published in April 1996 as ISO standard IS-13818 [2]

Apple first introduced a DVD-ROM drive as a build-to-order option in the "Beige" Power Macintosh G3 in November 1997, which included a custom AV personality card with a dedicated MPEG-2 decoder chip.[3] The first portable appearance was in the "Wallstreet" PowerBook G3 in May 1998.[4]


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