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MacRecorder Demo 1987 on HyperCard (sound editor for Apple Macintosh)

MacRecorder was the first audio digitization device for Macintosh, released in 1988 by Farallon Computing. It featured two 3.5 mm audio input jacks and was connected through a Mini-DIN-8 serial port.

Product history[]

Early development[]

The hardware was developed by Michael P. Lamoureux, a graduate student in math at the University of California, Berkeley. The circuit design and digitization source code was published in the Fall 1985 newsletter of the Berkeley Macintosh Users Group (BMUG).[1] Circuit board kits (ranging from a "beta" board to a "II Plus") were also sold by BMUG for US$55.[2]

Commercial product[]

The design was acquired by Farallon Computing, founded by BMUG co-founder Reese M. Jones to market products developed at Berkeley. The MacRecorder Sound System was commercially released in January 1988 at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The $199 package included HyperSound, a HyperCard-based utility, and SoundEdit by Steve Capps.[1][3][4] Audio digitization was limited to 22.255 KHz at 8-bits (256 levels) per sample.[5] Two devices could be paired to record in stereo.[6] The software driver was updated to version 2.0 and then 2.02, adding support for new models, such as the Macintosh SE/30, IIx, IIcx, IIci, IIfx, and the Macintosh Portable. The upgrade was $50 and included a new version of SoundEdit.[7]


Starting in October 1990, the Macintosh LC, IIsi, and later models included a built-in audio-in port, negating the need for MacRecorder.[8] Farallon sold the SoundEdit software to MacroMind-Paracomp in November 1991.[9]


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