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Mac Pro RAID Cards were released by Apple for the 1st-generation Mac Pro.


The PCI Express card should be installed in slot 4 of the Mac Pro and enables SAS drives as well as SATA, supporting up to 4 drives in a mirrored or striped RAID configuration for security through redundancy, or for maximum performance, respectively.[1]


2007 version[]

The first version of the card was released in August 2007 as a build-to-order option for the Mac Pro. It later became available separately and could support 2006 through 2008 models of the MacPro at 304MB/s with 256MB of cache memory. It requires the use of an iPASS cable to connect to the drive bays.[2]

2009 version[]

A revised version was released in March 2009 to support 2009 through 2012 models at 553MB/s with 512MB of cache memory, along with the addition of a low power standby mode during sleep. This card no longer requires a separate iPASS cable and instead connects to the drive bays through the pins in the PCIe slot.[3][4]


The Mac Pro RAID Card Battery, also used in Apple's Xserve RAID, was criticized for its short life span and expensive replacement cost.[4] Repair by end users was also noted for being difficult. The required replacement component is a 606168 rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) cell, also referred to as lithium polymer (LiPo). Mishandling of components containing such chemicals is very hazardous.[5]

Neither RAID Card can recognize more than 2.2TB of a larger SATA drive, though larger SAS drives are not an issue.

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