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The following is a list of Mac keyboard shortcuts:

Basic Mac shortcuts[]

Shortcut that work on most macOS applications.

  • Command-X: Cuts selected item into clipboard
  • Command-C: Copy selected item into clipboard
  • Command-V: Pastes from clipboard
  • Command-A: Select all
  • Command-F: Finds items
  • Command-G: Finds next occurrence of item
  • Command-Shift-G: Finds previous occurrence of item
  • Command-H: Hides current window
  • Command-Option-H: Hides all windows except for current window
  • Command-M: Minimizes current window
  • Command-Option-M: Minimizes all windows of current app
  • Command-O: Opens selected item
  • Command-P: Print
  • Command-S: Save
  • Command-T: Opens a new tab
  • Command-W: Closes window
  • Command-Option-W: Closes all windows of app
  • Command-Q: Quits program
  • Command-Option-Escape: Force Quit an app
  • Command-Space: Spotlight search
  • Command-Control-Space: Opens Character Viewer
  • Command-Control-F: Open app in full screen (if supported)
  • Command-Tab: Switch programs
  • Command-Shift-3: Take Screenshot
  • Command-Control-Shift-3: Take screenshot, save to clipboard
  • Command-Shift-4: Select area of screen to capture
  • Command-Shift-4, then Spacebar: Select window to capture
  • Command-Control-Shift-4, then Spacebar: Select window to capture, save to clipboard
  • Command-Shift-5: Open menu for screenshot/screen recording (macOS Mojave or later)

Finder and System shortcuts[]

  • Command-D: Duplicate file
  • Command-E: Eject selected volume
  • Command-F: Spotlight search in Finder window
  • Command-Control-A: Make Alias of selected item
  • Command-R: Shows original file for selected Alias (this shortcut will have different functions in many different programs)
  • Command-Shift-F: Opens recently viewed and changed files
  • Command-Shift-O: Opens documents folder
  • Command-Shift-D: Opens desktop folder
  • Command-Option-L: Opens downloads folder
  • Command-Shift-H: Opens home folder of current user
  • Command-Shift-C: Opens the computer window
  • Command-Shift-R: Opens AirDrop window
  • Command-Shift-K: Opens window to connect to server
  • Command-Shift-I: Opens iCloud Drive
  • Command-Shift-S: Opens shared folders
  • Command-Shift-A: Opens Applications folder
  • Command-Shift-U: Opens Utilities folder
  • Command-Shift-N: Create new folder
  • Command-N: Open new window
  • Command-Shift-P: Hides/shows the file preview
  • Command-Control-T: Adds selected item to sidebar in Finder (OS X Mavericks or later)
  • Command-Shift-Control-T: Add selected item to Dock (OS X Mavericks or later)
  • Command-Control-P: Hides/shows the path bar in Finder
  • Command-Option-S: Hides/shows sidebar in Finder
  • Command-Slash(/): Hides/shows the status bar in Finder
  • Command-Option-N: Makes new Smart Folder
  • Command-T: Hides/shows tab bar when only one tab is open in Finder window
  • Command-Option-T: Hides/shows toolbar when one tab is open in Finder window
  • Command-Option-V: Moves files from original location to current location
  • Command-Y: Preview selected file with Quick Look
  • Command-1: View items as icons
  • Command-2: View items as a list
  • Command-3: View items in columns
  • Command-4: View items in a gallery
  • Command-[ : Go to previous folder
  • Command-] : Go to next folder
  • Command-Up Arrow: Open folder that contains current folder
  • Command-Control-Up Arrow: Open folder that contains current folder in new window
  • Command-Down Arrow: Open selected item
  • Right Arrow: Open selected folder while in list view
  • Left Arrow: Close selected folder while in list view
  • Command-Delete: Move item to trash
  • Command-Shift-Delete: Empty trash
  • Command-Option-Shift-Delete: Empty trash without confirmation
  • Command-Option-D: Hides/shows the Dock
  • Command-J: Show view options
  • Command-Brightness Down: Turn off video mirroring
  • Option-Brightness Up: Open display preferences
  • Control-Brightness Up: Increase external display brightness (if supported by display)
  • Control-Brightness Down: Decrease external display brightness (if supported by display)
  • Option-Shift-Brightness Up or Brightness Down: Change display brightness in smaller steps.
  • Option-Double Click: Open item in new window, then close original window
  • Command-Double Click: Open in separate tab/window
  • Command-Drag to new Volume: Move to new volume instead of copying file
  • Option-Drag: Copy dragged item
  • Command-Option-Drag: Make alias of dragged item
  • Option-Click disclosure triangle: Open all folders in selected folder when in list view
  • Command-Click window title: see folders that contain current folder

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