Macintosh Classic
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Mac classic
Code Name XO
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Date released October 15, 1990
Date discontinued September 14, 1992
Processor Motorola 68000
Operating System System 6.0.7 - Mac OS 7.5.5
Price at release USD 1,499
USD 999 without a hard drive

Demand for another "all-in-one" Mac, such as the popular Macintosh Plus and the SE, spurred the introduction of the Macintosh Classic. Limitations of the form factor prohibited major innovations in this model.

Perhaps the best feature of this Macintosh was the price, it was the first sub-$1000 ($1500 with 40MB hard drive) computer introduced by Apple

The Macintosh Classic and the hidden ROM disk

One new (and unique) feature in the Classic, though, was the ability to start from a ROM disk by holding down the keys command-option-x-o during the boot process. No other Mac ever had this feature; none before, and none since.

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