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The Macintosh Color Classic II was the second color compact Mac Macintosh computer, succeeding the original Color Classic. It was essentially a smaller Macintosh LC 550 with a 33MHz 68030 and an integrated 10" Sony Trinitron color display with the same 512×384 pixel resolution as the Macintosh 12” RGB monitor. This model was only sold in Canada and Japan, where it was also sold as the Macintosh Performa 275. It was succeeded by the Macintosh LC 575, which featured a faster 68040 processor and larger 14" color display with 640x480 resolution.

Included software (Japan)[]

  • System J-7.1
  • Finder J-7.1
  • LaserWriter J-7.1.2
  • QuickTime J-1.6.1
  • Macintosh Drag 'n' Drop
  • Sound Manager

Upgrade paths[]

Since the Color Classic II uses the same logic board as the Macintosh LC 550, it is possible to swap in a logic board from a LC 575 to gain the faster 68040 processor (unofficially called the "Mystic" upgrade). The LC 580 also looks very similar, but uses a newer logic board architecture that will not physically fit the Color Classics without modification. Some enthusiasts have modified the case to fit a PowerPC-based logic board from a Power Macintosh 5500 (unofficially called a "Takky" upgrade). The cache slot can then be fitted with a PowerPC G3 CPU.[1]


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Superseded by the Macintosh LC 500 series in June 1993