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The Macintosh IIx was introduced by Apple on September 19, 1988 as an incremental update of the original Macintosh II model.


The IIx replaced the Motorola 68020 processor of the II with a 16 MHz 68030 processor (running at the same clock speed), and the 800K floppy drive with the FDHD SuperDrive. The initial price of the IIx was $7,800 USD or $9,300 for a version with the 40MB hard disk drive.

Apple's codenames for the IIx included "Spock" and "Stratos". Support and spare parts for the IIx were discontinued on August 31, 1998. The IIx was the second of three Macintosh models to be built in this case with the 6 NuBus slots; the last was the Macintosh IIfx.


Due to shipping with "32-bit dirty" ROMs, the IIx could originally only address up to 8 MB of physical RAM, regardless of how much was installed. Installing a software patch called MODE32 (or replacing the original ROM with a "32-bit clean" version) allowed it to support up to 128 MB of RAM (and system software versions up to Mac OS 8.1 with a new ROM).[1]

Included software[]


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