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The Macintosh LC 580 was sold from April 3, 1995 to August 1, 1995.

The Apple Mac LC 580 featured a 33MHz 68LC040 processor and took 72 pin DIMMS. It externally resembled the LC 575, but was internally more similar to the LC 630, which added a Video I/O port that could accept Apple's TV tuner card, and replaced the internal SCSI hard disk with a less-expensive IDE version. The processor direct slot and Comm Slot for a modem or ethernet card was retained from earlier models. A Performa version was targeted at consumers, whereas the LC 580 was aimed at the education market.

The computer had a 32 bit processor on board and used system 7, allowing for virtual memory access. It shipped with 8MB ram on board and a 2x speed Apple 300i CD built in. A PowerPC 601 upgrade for it was marketed from April 3, 1995 to March 2, 1996.

Included software[]

  • System 7.5
  • Finder 7.1.4
  • LaserWriter 7.1.2
  • QuickTime 2.0
  • CD-ROM (includes Apple CD-ROM, Foreign File Access, Apple Photo Access, etc.)
  • Apple Video Player
  • Macintosh Drag 'n' Drop
  • Sound Manager
  • ClarisWorks v3.0
  • At Ease 2.0.3
  • Eric's Solitaire Sample
  • eWorld
  • Kid Works 2 from Davidson
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
  • Quicken v5.0
  • Spectre Challenger
  • The Writing Center from the Learning Company
  • Grolier's Mutlimedia Encyclopedia
  • Electronic Arts 3D Atlas v1.1
  • The Family Doctor 3rd Edition
  • Wacky Jacks CD Game Show from Zenda
  • Dole Five-A-Day Adventure

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