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Not to be confused with Microsoft Office for the Macintosh.

The Macintosh Office was introduced in 1985, comprising (apart from Macs) of a file server, the AppleTalk personal network, and a LaserWriter laser printer.


The Macintosh Office was introduced with a rarely-played commercial entitled "Lemmings". It shows a group of blindfolded business people to the tune of the "Hi-ho" song in Disney's Snow White. Everyone, except for the last person, falls down a cliff, still blindfolded. It was less well-received than the 1984 commercial, although both were designed to be dramatic.

The file server eventually ended up being replaced by AppleShare, although the two are historically unrelated, as they were different file server products.

While the Macintosh Office never took off (directly), the concept helped to start the desktop publishing revolution.

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