Macintosh Plus
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Code Name Mr. T
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Date released January 16, 1986
Date discontinued October 15, 1990
Processor Motorola 68000
Operating System System 3.2 - Mac OS 7.5.5
Price at release USD 2,599

The Macintosh Plus is the third Macintosh model in the Macintosh computer line. The Macintosh Plus is one of the earliest Macs released and was a success, remaining on the market for nearly 5 years.



Memory and Hard Drive Space

It came with 1 MB of RAM and could use a (then very expensive) 20 MB external hard drive.The plus was also expandible up to 4MB, but it came in 1MB of RAM.

Special Characteristics

  • The Macintosh Plus was the first Mac to which you could attach a 20 MB hard drive to. In those days, it was very expensive.




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