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Macintosh Plus
Gestalt ID: 4
Model number M0001A
Code name Mr. T
Type Compact Mac
Date released January 16, 1986
Date discontinued October 15, 1990
Processor Motorola 68000
Operating system System 3.2 - Mac OS 7.5.5
Price at release US$ 2,599

The Macintosh Plus is the third Macintosh model in the Macintosh computer line, released on January 16, 1986. It is one of the earliest Macs released and was a major success, remaining on the market for nearly 5 years.


Rumors of the development of the Macintosh Plus circulated as early as December 1985.[1]



Apple Macintosh Plus Tour Demo

Memory and connectivity[]

The Mac Plus came with 1MB of RAM and a new SCSI port. The previous DE-9 serial ports were replaced with Mini-DIN 8 versions. The Plus was also expandible up to 4MB.

Other features[]

With the addition of the SCSI port, the Mac Plus was the first model to support the Hard Disk 20SC, a much faster (and expensive) version of the Hard Disk 20, which connected through the floppy port.



Macintosh Plus Guided Tour - 1986

Like earlier models, the Macintosh Plus included a set of audio cassettes as a guided tour for new users. However, it was the first model to include an interactive demo that had been scripted with a customized version of MacroMind VideoWorks, a predecessor of Macromedia Director.


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