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The Macintosh Quadra 840AV, codenamed Quadra 1000 and Cyclone, is a computer workstation that was a part of the Macintosh Quadra series from Apple Computer.


The Quadra 840AV was introduced on July 29, 1993 as the fastest Macintosh computer available at the time.[1] It was discontinued eleven days before its first anniversary on July 18, 1994 and superseded by the Power Macintosh 8100.


Featuring a 40 MHz Motorola 68040 processor, the Quadra 840AV was the fastest 68k-based model ever produced by Apple. It included analog video out and capture capabilities as part of the short-lived Quadra AV line.[2]

Included software[]

  • System 7.1
  • Finder 7.1
  • LaserWriter 7.1.2
  • Macintosh Drag 'n' Drop
  • CD-ROM 5.0.1 (includes Apple CD-ROM, Foreign File Access, Apple Photo Access, etc.)
  • QuickTime 1.6.1
  • Sound Manager 3.0
  • Speech Manager 1.1.1


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