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Spergel's badge as a "Consultant (Friend)"

Martin J. "Marty" Spergel (born March 13, 1942) is a technology executive and financial services professional who had been associated with the co-founders of Apple Computer.[1][2]


Spergel attended the College of San Mateo from 1960 to 1961.[2]


Spergel became acquainted with future Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak through the Homebrew Computer Club, where he was known as the "Junk Man" for helping to procure spare parts.[3] He operated M&R Enterprises, named after himself and his wife Rona. The company manufactured Sup'R'Mod RF modulators for the Apple II from 1978 to the early 1980s to allow them to be connected to ordinary consumer televisions while avoiding FCC restrictions. Spergel estimated that about 400,000 units had been sold.[4][5]

Spergel's official role at Apple Computer is unclear as he was issued a badge on April 20, 1983 that identified him as a "Consultant (Friend)" with an employee number of "3.2" at a time when Apple had over 4,000 employees. According to Spergel's son Matt, the badge had been issued by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.[1][6] Spergel later served as the president of CL 9, a startup founded by Steve Wozniak in 1984 and then put up for sale in 1988.[7]


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