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William Matt Carter was a member of the Macintosh team at Apple Computer. His signature is among the 48 molded into the case of the Macintosh 128K.[1][2]


Apple Computer[]

Carter was the director of Apple Computer's automated manufacturing facility in Fremont, California.[3] Though Apple co-founder Steve Jobs requested that factory machines be painted in bright colors, Carter had precision devices installed in their original beige and gray colors. Jobs overruled Carter's objections and had one of the most expensive machines re-painted blue, causing it to fail to function properly. Carter left Apple in 1983 over the disagreement.[4][5] Macintosh financial controller Debi Coleman took over as manager of the plant.[6]

After Apple[]

In May 1986, Carter co-founded Radius with some of the original members of the Macintosh development team, including Mike Boich, Andy Hertzfeld, Alain Rossmann, and Burrell Smith.[7]

In 1991, Carter founded Photon Machines and served as the president and CEO. The company was later acquired by Teledyne. In April 1995, Carter became VP of operations at Truevision.[2]


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