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Melrose Mac Hollywood 2017-04

An "experience center" in Hollywood, California.

Melrose Mac, stylized as MelroseMAC, is an Apple Authorized Reseller and Premier Partner, based in Hollywood, California, with "experience center" stores in Hollywood and Burbank, California. It is a subsidiary of Melrose Inc., founded in 2003 by Sandy and Sean Nasseri.[1]


Melrose Mac Hollywood 2020-05-31

Melrose Mac's Hollywood location was looted and burned on May 30, 2020.

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider for all products except the iPhone, Melrose Mac caters to the entertainment industry with high-end editing and post-production systems.[2]

On May 30, 2020, the flagship store and headquarters on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood were looted and burned during nationwide protests related to George Floyd.[3] Hundreds of notebook and desktop computers held for service at the location were stolen or destroyed. The company remained open and about 135 locals contributed to help with the cleanup and rebuilding process.[2]


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