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Memoji are large user-customizable emoji. They can also be animated in certain Apple devices with a TrueDepth camera.


In 2018, Memoji was introduced in iOS 12 in which animated Animoji could be customized to resemble the user or other characters on devices with TrueDepth cameras. In 2019, iOS 13 expanded static Memoji support to devices with an Apple A9 or later processor.[1]

Apple customarily issues new emoji on World Emoji Day, which is on July 17 of each year. On July 17, 2018, Apple's senior management changed their profile pictures to Memoji to promote the new feature.[2]

Apple WWDC 2020 06-02 characters

Memoji were used to promote WWDC 2020, which was online only.

The 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference was promoted using various Memoji characters behind MacBooks that were with WWDC-themed stickers.

On September 16, 2020, a Memoji app was released with watchOS 7 to allow Apple Watch users to create Memoji directly on supported devices (Apple Watch Series 3 or later).


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